The property dates back to the 18th Century. Until the 1950s, le puits d’angle was a small working farm comprising a “longèère” housing the living quarters, stable, pigsty and granary, as well as a barn and a large 2,000m2 plot of land surrounded by walls. In the 1960s, a renowned architect with a passion for botany fell in love with the village and the house. He moved in, and gradually converted the rustic “longèère” into a large warm and comfortable house for receiving family and friends. He also turned the grounds into a landscaped garden, the perfect place for picnicking, lazing in the shade and for children to play.

The property was completely renovated in 2005 (encompassing the addition of 5 bedrooms with private bathroom, an indoor pool and Turkish bath) and lovingly redecorated to reflect its existing identity. Whether for business or pleasure, le puits d’angle is happy to accommodate you.